How to be the best fashion photographer- Career Advice

The career in fashion photography is not an impossible dream. So you want to be the best fashion photographer? Sounds exciting? Sailing around on yachts with models, seeing them in a bikini, shooting in the oceans, or maybe even Paris with your favorite model are perks of the job, right? How fun it must be to shoot Bollywood actors and actresses and Sportsmen! Who wouldn’t want to travel to exotic locales and make a fortune while working with and befriending the most beautiful women in the world?

Everything I mentioned above may not exactly happen, it is as tough as other jobs out there in the market. You have to come up with a new idea every time you shoot with a person, not only new but it should be extraordinary, the person you are shooting with it might not be shooting for the first time, they must have done shoots with many other photographer and audience out there have seen them in every possible look and the brand who is spending money on the shoot expecting something new and meaningful that’s why you have been hired for the job, to make them look different to portray a different story, tough?? Isn’t it? Yes, it is, but today I am going to help you how you can be the best fashion photographer despite all the difficulties.

How to get started?

Take some basic knowledge of the camera you can do some basic courses in photography so you can understand the functions of a camera. Once you understand the camera you can take it forward step by step to become the best fashion photographer

Best Fashion Photographer

Start practicing with models

Go out and take pictures of models. If you can’t find one start with your friends who have an interest in modeling and want to become a fashion model. After you become comfortable taking pictures of amateur models and have some great photographs in your profile, approach professional models by giving them a call or sending an email and ask them to shoot for their portfolios. Some might not agree but some will for sure, you may be able to shoot them for free—or perhaps even get paid in the process of doing so. If its free = practice. It will really help you to your journey of becoming the finest fashion photographer.

Fashion Photographer

Look for fashion magazines

Look through the magazines that you want to be in and study their styles. And try to understand their style and nail it, when you’re ready, submit your pictures to the photo editors of these magazines. You ‘ll find their contact info in the first few pages of the magazine. If they like your pictures they will feature your photographs in the magazine and you will get the credit. What will you get in return?? Well, you can add it to your profile that you have been featured in such magazines.

Fashion Magazine

Spread out your network

Network and maintain relationships with people in the industry. Social networking sites are great for this, as the best fashion photographer, fashion designers, makeup artists, hair stylists, magazines, and photo editors can be found online. It may take some digging, but social networks have a ton of resources to aid you in your quest.

Start following people from the same industry like makeup artists, stylists, designers on Instagram, start collaborating with these people on barter system this will help in establishing a name.

Spread your network


When you first start shooting, it’s easy to fall into the trap of copying other artists and trying to shoot their style. This is not always bad. For centuries, painters and sculptors have swarmed to the Louvre in Paris to duplicate the Mona Lisa and other great works of art. After you’re done practicing, however, it’s important to move on and forget about trying so hard to imitate the great masters. Instead, imitate life. That is what art does. Work on developing your own style and you’ll be rewarded for it handsomely. ­

Become a best fashion photographer

Don’t Get confused about gears

Get a couple of great lenses. Both in the beginning and at the advanced stages of your career you’ll find yourself working a lot with natural light. Harness that power. It’s the greatest light available. You can nail low light photography if known the proper technique. Of course, at times you will find yourself working in the studio, as well. Get a few quality lights. Afterward, focus on the craft of photography. Man made the picture and the picture made the man.

Photograhy Gears


The road to becoming the best fashion photographer can be a long one. Don’t give up. Shoot in the beginning as a hobby in all of your spare time. Create as often as you can. The experience will be invaluable.

Reach me out on if you have any query related to fashion photography. Although I hope it would have answered the most popular question being asked on the internet to become the best fashion photographer.

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-Sajid Shahid