Sajid Shahid is a renowned celebrity and fashion photographer. He has been doing fashion photography for a long time now and has worked with various designers and brands like Biba, Madame, FabIndia, Sabhyata etc.

He has also worked with a lot of Tv celebrities and did a photoshoot with Zain Imam, Abhilash Kumar, Pearl V Puri, Randeep Rai, Niti Taylor, Helly Shah and many more.

Here are some fashion photography tips from the man himself:

1. You need to understand fashion: 

A fashion photographer should exactly know that what is fashion all about. Good knowledge about fashion will help you know your subject better. I will suggest that you study a few topics related to fashion like fashion from different eras, fashion specifications, fashion in-trend, and current fashion news.

2. Camera Settings:

There are no magic camera settings that will take that perfect picture for you. The main thing you should keep in mind is to always shoot in raw. This stores more photographic data in the image and gives you an opportunity to improve your image in post-processing. White balance is also very important. It adds more clarity, definition, and color to your image.

3. Prepare your concept before the shoot begins:

The fashion shoot is never random. When you plan to do a shoot you should be well prepared for it in advance. So prepare your concept in the days preceding a shoot. Read books or do google search on lighting, make-up, styling, hair, posing and editing and take the time for this multitude of information to be processed and organized in a coherent way. You should always take out or sketch references as to what you actually want to shoot beforehand.


4. Be open to experimenting in your shoots:

Each shoot is unique, so feel free to experiment with every aspect of the creative process. Find the perfect angles, move around and continue shooting with each step to ensure that you find the perfect shot. Creating the perfect shot also involves correctly directing the models you are working with. Sometimes the models in your shoots will be super experienced and you will have no problem working with them but at times it can get difficult with a model. In such a scenario make sure that you calmly make your model understand that what kind of a shot are you looking at.


5. Do a lot of testing:

Doing a lot of test shoots will improve your photography, and also will assist you in meeting others that are in the same industry. Fashion photography is not a one man’s job you will need an entire team to execute a successful shoot. Once you start working you will meet the makeup artist, stylist, hair stylist, and new models every day.


6. Update your portfolio:

Update your portfolio on regular basis. No matter how big you become you should not stop working for yourself. Always take out time to do projects that fascinate you. Take out reference images and try creating your own.

7. Regularly update your work on social media:

If you are creating something, then show it to the world. Regularly update your news, social media and website with the things you are working on. This is pretty much a necessity in the fashion industry.